MCB . Soft Highly optimized software and web development

Software services and Web development? Here we are. Why us? Because we only do the best of it, or nothing at all. See more...

MCB . Support Maintenance for existing projects based on WSLA

Every project that starts today doesn't end tomorrow. Our support service keeps your projects up-to-date, based on your needs. See more...

MCB . eMail Digitally signed emails for high deliverability rate

Your emails are caught in the customers spambox? Get rid of this problem. We have the e-mail solution you need. See more...

MCB . Hosting Managed Dedicated Servers and Hosting

We aren't offering only a server where you can host your project, we offer a complete managed solution for your business. See more...

Our Services

We only offer you those things that we are the best at.
Our 4 divisions of the company will take care of the "WEB.IT" part of your business.

MCB . Soft

The development division of the company

Meet the architects of your next web solution. Meet your next click. Meet MCB Soft.
We are web architects. What we develop, are complex and complete web business solutions. We aim for a high-level of functionality, corresponding with our customer needs, not only a basic website.

We only work with senior programmers, software architects and experienced web developers who are together - a highly specialized team, which successfully applies the latest techniques in the development process.

Also, we only work at a highly-optimized development level - no amateur things. Our goal is... either it's perfect, either it doesn't exist at all. We like to take care of each detail that defines our projects, so we don't have to see if the glass is half empty or half full.

At MCB Soft, the glass has to be always full. No compromises.

MCB . Support

The division that takes care of your projects

Business is a keyword that is defined by long-term things. And so are your projects that your business has. A project doesn't start today and ends tomorrow. It has to go on every day.

If it has to go on every day, it means that you have to maintain it.
That's where we get in. Based on a WSLA contract, we offer you maintenance for your existing projects, so you can keep your business up-to-date according to its needs.

We also have the on-call support service, where a part of our team is available 24/7 for you, especially in those cases where you need urgent help after the daily working hours.
You call, we solve it! It's that simple. This is our Support service. MCB.Support service.

MCB . eMail

Premium e-mail delivery services
for those who really want their emails to be seen

Yeah... there are no doubts. This is the MCB team that you definitely want to meet. They will take care of your sent e-mails, so you don't have any doubts if your partners have seen your last sent e-mail or not.

MCB Soft's e-mail department, MCB.eMail, is constantly developing and improving the latest technologies in premium e-mail delivery services, offering you a high-deliverability e-mail API, which can easily be integrated with your server applications, and not only.

MCB.eMail uses digitally signed certificates and spare cloud servers which almost guarantees your successful e-mail delivery. Also, MCB.eMail implements and respects the latest RFC standards in the e-mail delivery process, making sure that your partners get your e-mail in Inbox, and right in time.
Our service offers both premium e-mail hosting services for your company and mass-mailing marketing solutions.

MCB . Hosting

Managed hosting services customized according to your business needs

Having a reliable hosting solution is the main condition for any online business. But what defines reliability? Well, both software experts who can successfully manage and configure your servers, and professional datacenters which can host them.

What does MCB.Hosting offer to your business?
We have a maintenance support team who is available 24/7 for any issue and certified system administrators who know well any part of your server's software and not only.

What about hardware and collocation?
We only work with Tier-4 and Tier-3 datacenters, having over 20 internet providers on site, complete redundancy of connectivity, climate and security systems.

More than that, we only work with enterprise equipment - every server or every part of it, every equipment used is exclusively provided by HP or Cisco Networks.
So you got all the reasons why MCB.Hosting is always a successful choice.

About us

Let us introduce you to our team

A few words about how we've become MCB Soft...

MCB Soft began in the early 2013's, when it was founded by Likudio DNET's & NextLoad inc.'s staff, accumulating together over 9 years of experience in web development field.

In all this time many web applications and high data profile traffic websites were developed by both of the teams for local and foreign customers, that were coming from different business fields.

The variety of the projects and their different customer profile, made us understand that every tiny detail matters for the final client; therefore, now, when the two companies merged together under MCB Soft brand, we focus on taking care of every detail that can improve and make our web apps & sites better.

Here, at MCB Soft we have the costumer's satisfaction as a main goal, so we'll be happy to discuss with you every part of your project, so we can have the deal and the business that any customer and company wants.

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